Praise for Robert in 'The Rover'


DearFilm: Pattinson, however, is a true revelation here. His transformation into the disabled Rey is so complete and without pretension that he just about effortlessly disappears in the role. It is easier now for me to recall him as Rey and imagine him in his personal life as Rey than it is for me to picture him as any other character I have ever seen him as. Under his careful modulation Rey turns into a much more conflicted and complicated character than even Pearceís nameless wanderer. His mixture of helplessness with sudden flashes of competence makes him unpredictable in action, but not in motivation. Unlike Pearce he is in search of a friend, a companion, anyone he can lean on, and who he can feel as though he is helping. Itís a sweet, nuanced, near-perfect performance.

FlashjackTheHero: Pearce has never been better and Pattinson made me completely rethink his acting abilities (Edward who?). His performance here is a marvel, somewhere between Billy Bob Thorntonís Sling Blade and a young Jackie Earle Hailey, and if he werenít so iconic already and we were looking at a debut performance from an unknown, heíd be a star all over again.

OnlineWatchMovies: And where to start with his two leads? Powerful beyond belief and we could not be more thrilled that the man we first discovered in Twilight (actually, Harry Potter) has grown into a powerhouse of a thespian that can go toe-to-toe with one of our fave actors in Pearce.

SpoilerRoom: Pattinson who truly delivers a knockout performance. I'm no fan of the Twilight films or his part in them but I will tip my hat to the man on this one. He's fantastic.