'The Lost City of Z': James Gray's Interview

The Movie is Going into Pre-Production and Possible Shooting in August


From Awards Circuit:

On if the long developing project The Lost City of Z is finally next for him:

James Gray Ė Yeah, thatís going into preproduction in a matter of four weeks or five weeks now, before I have to go off and do that. Iím very excited, itís hopefully the movie that, you know, bridges the step between the films Iíve made which are very personal and small, and what will be a different chapter in my life, because itís a much bigger film.

From The Film Stage:

Before things wrap up here, very quick: Lost City of Z is as close as weíre hearing?

Z? Yes, absolutely. Iíve been on a scout. Pre-production should start sometime in the first week of June. Iím extremely excited about it. Itís very different from anything Iíve done ó and yet, of course, the same. I have very, very high hopes for it. Principal photography, I believe, will start on August 8, although it depends on when Charlie Hunnam will finish King Arthur, which is what heís doing now; if that finishes on schedule, thatís when I will begin. It shoots in the U.K. and Columbia, probably.

What feeling do you have when on the cusp of starting a production? Is there a lot of anxiety, or is it mostly pure anticipation?

Well, itís almost exclusively terror. Itís funny: I donít actually derive much pleasure from making a movie. I derive a lot of pleasure from having made a film. Iím very excited; itís going to be a huge challenge. But Iím very scared, and Iím under no illusions that Iím going to go to the jungle and have a great time and itís going to have a party. I mean, itís going to be an epic struggle, and Iím going to try and do my very best. I have many, many ideas. The projectís been gestating for a long time, and, in some respects, thatís a challenge in and of itself, because you have many, many ideas, and you want to make sure the project has a unity and a singularity and a uniqueness and a consistency. So, if itís gestating for a long time, you worry that you wonít have that.

Well, weíll see. But, judging by your track record, Iím not too worried.

Iím glad youíre not.