Latin Post - October 30, 2014


Oscars 2015 Predictions: Why ‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson
Should Be Nominated for Best Supporting Actor This Year


The Academy Awards race is heating up with many front runner contenders.

However, a number of categories are still up for grabs and a number of films have been ignored throughout despite great reviews and artistic achievements.

One of these films is “The Rover” by David Michod. Back in 2010, the director made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival with his film “Animal Kingdom.” The movie went on to get an Oscar nomination for Jacki Weaver and the director became sought-after.

However, when “The Rover” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this past summer, reviews were positive but buzz was low. When it premiered in theaters, A24 failed to really give it a decent marketing campaign and the box office results were not very good.

“The Rover’s” results essentially ended any aspirations of an Oscar campaign, but now that pundits have noted that Supporting Actor race is empty, A24 should focus its energies on campaigning Robert Pattinson’s masterful performance for the Academy Award race. Latin Post raved about his performance and stated, “Pattinson is unrecognizable” and “unsettling.”

Other critics agreed, with the Toronto Star stating, “This minimalist gem affords a chance to see ex-‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson at his dramatic best.”

Pattinson may be young for the Academy to recognize, but his work is astonishing and the fact that he was able to crossover from mainstream films to Indie art house films shows his commitment to his craft.