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As guests gathered to watch the film on a giant screen, Araki chatted up a storm with Brady Corbet, who is putting the finishing touches to his directorial debut, “The Childhood of a Leader,” starring Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin and Bérénice Bejo. Before anyone asks, the feature is not about Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini.

“The entire film is a kind of fable set around the weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles, which is a very particular subject. But the film takes a lot of poetic license. It starts off in a place that is very correct and accurate in terms of the history, and then at a certain point, decisively takes a dive into a virtual history,” he explained.

“It’s a very, very ambitious art project and so everything that’s great about it is also what’s been very painful to make happen,” Corbet added, noting that the movie features a grand orchestral score by musician Scott Walker and should be ready by the end of the year.