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Director Brady Corbetís interview with the Writerís Guild of Italy



Was it frightening to work with these great actors for you as a young director?

Brady Corbet: They are particularly a nice groupÖ

And they were scared for what the film is going to be, because is such a different film from other projects?

BC: I think everyone was invigorated by thatÖ At a certain point after a couple of days, maybe a week, you know if itís gonna at least be interesting, you donít know if itís gonna be good. Somebody is doing something right here. And we showed dailies to everybody all the time, just so they really understood what it was that we were doing, so we had contact. Thereís a very strong relationship between the actors and the camera in the film. I tend only to like camera movement thatís dictated by gesture; I was like: Ďitís really important that you do this really fast, itís not about the camera, itís about your performance.í We were lucky because the cast was very accepting of the formal style of the film.

I know a lot of actors who are like: Ďdonít fucking talk to me about the camera, Iím doing my job, you shoot me.í The thing is that if I canít see you, like if you are out of focus, then your performance sucks. This is a kind of funny thing between actors and the camera. And all of these peopleÖ I mean Berenice (Bejo) is married to a filmmaker, Liam was directing for years, many years ago, so everyone was compassionate, everyone understood that we gave up a lot to be there.

And with an actor as Robert Pattison? I know he really looks forward films that are auteur films, that offer something else out of the mainstream.

BC: Yes for sure, he is a real cinephile. There is so many actors that could use their celebrity in a really amazing way, like Will Smith or Tom CruiseÖ Well Tom Cruise does that sometimes. Thereís a lot of people who really donít use their fame for an advantageÖ Like ĎI can get somebodyís film made and they are gonna challenge me and we are gonna grow together.í

Did he help in getting financing?

BC: Of course. The thing is funny, because at the timeÖ he was cast several years ago, we had no idea how significant it would end up being.

We had a lot of others fancy cast members at one point, but at a certain point, the only way to get the film made, after many years, was to have Rob involved. And we originally hired Rob because of the fact we wanted somebody really charismatic and really recognizable.

Mona Fastvold: We wanted it to be immediately apparent that this character is very important.

BC: The great thing about Robert is that the less he doesÖ you canít take your eyes of the guy! Because he is genuinely beautiful to look at, itís really like he draws you in, in a classic cold way. He is compelling.

Even with the shaved headÖ

BC: Yeah!

Do you think some of the Twilight crowd will go to see the film just because he is in it?

BC: I donít knowÖ did t hey go see Cosmopolis?

MF: I think it would be good for them.

BC: Itís a movie that was made by a group of adults for adults. And everyone knew that. Everyone knew that was going to be for people looking for a unique experience and care at least a little bit about world history. It requires a little bit of interest, a little bit of curiosity and a little bit of knowledge about it. We thought it would be so tedious to catch everyone up. Most Europeans know a thing or two about the treaty of Versailles, a lot of Americans donít. Itís not because Americans are not educated, but they are not educated in depth about that.

(Mona Fastvold is the co-writer of the screenplay and Corbetís partner.)


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