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The Lost City of Z

Collider - April 21, 2017:
Robert Pattinson on ‘The Lost City of Z’,
Future Projects, Superhero Movies and More

Yahoo - April 13, 2017:
‘The Lost City of Z’ Star Robert Pattinson
on His Epic Beard, His Embarrassing Amazon Habit,
and If He’d Ever Return to ‘Twilight’


WWD - September 30, 2016:
Robert Pattinson Exudes Mystery
in Nocturnal Dior Campaign

Karl Lagerfeld captured the actor on the streets of Paris

'The Childhood of a Leader' promotion:

Sunday Times - August 14, 2016:
Robert Pattinson and
Brady Corbet: Brothers in Arms

Numéro Homme - March 2016
Double Game
- new interview with Robert Pattinson

'Life' promotion - new interviews:

Red Bulletin - December 2015:
"Embrace the Fear"

La Verdad (Spain) - Nov 19, 2015:
"I’m afraid to make
money with a single character"

F Magazine (Italy) - Oct 28, 2015:
"It's not anyone’s fault when
a love story comes to an end..."

L'Uomo Vogue (Italy) - Nov 2nd, 2015:
Robert Pattinson: Extraordinary People

NME Cover (UK)- Sept 2015:
Twilight, Trolls, James Dean
and Moving on from Teen Stardom

Cinélive/Studio - Sept 2015:
Robert Pattinson - always twice

Les Inrockuptibles - Sept 2015:
"I often need to hear I am legitimate"

The Talks - Sept 16, 2015:
"Everyone wants you to be so vanilla"

The Guardian - Sept 13, 2015:
Interview with Robert Pattinson

The Scotsman - Sept 12, 2015:
Robert Pattinson opens up on new film 'Life'

Elle (France) - Sept 2015:
So you are a happy
'Englishman in London'?
- "Yes ! Like never before."

Neon Mag (Germany) - October 2015
Interview with Robert Pattinson

Szene Hamburg
(Germany) - Sept 2015
A Talk with Robert Pattinson

WAZ-online (Germany) - Aug 22, 2015
What price does a teen star pay?

Instyle (Germany) - Fall 2015
"Robert, is everything ok?"

Jolie (Germany) - Aug 2015
Everything remains different

TotalFilm - August 2015
Interview with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson
interviews Jamie Bell

- August 2015 issue

Io Donna (Italy) - July 28, 2015
Robert Pattinsonson
is in a movie about James Dean,
but he isn't the star: "It's better this way"

Top10 - May 18, 2015
A Talent for the Unexpected

Deutschlandfunk - Spring 2015
Interview with Robert Pattinson

F Magazine Greece - April 2015
"I think I’ve gone crazy"

CoverMedia - February 22, 2015
"I had a lack of self-belief"

Nice to read from the
early days of his super-stardom:

Esquire (UK) - March 2010
What Robert Pattinson knows can save us all
...even though the writer didn't
like 'Remember me' - unbelievable !

The Hollywood Reporter
The Rover LA Premiere - June 12, 2014
"I'm not trying to break out of anything"
Exclusive photos and quotes - June 2014
This is not new, but I liked it a lot.

Sidney Morning Herald - June 13, 2014
Road to Redemption
Robert is talking about
'The Rover' and his upcoming projects

2 more Interviews
for 'Maps to the Stars':

Winnipeg Free Press
Cronenberg puts Robert back inside a limo
E! Online
Robert has "a lot of patience" for "weirdos"
published Oct 31, 2014

Boston Globe - June 21st, 2014
Robert's dramatic new face
- another great interview of 'The Rover' promotion !

The Vent - July 28, 2014
Rob talks about 'The Rover'
his love for travelling & music, his work, study plans etc.

2 Interviews in The Rover - scroll down.


Who is Robert Pattinson?
- one of the best articles I've ever read about him :-)


Estilos - Oct 4, 2014
The best and the worst
thing about being famous

The Daily Beast - June 13, 2014
Robert talks on his life and projects after ‘Twilight’
- Great interview!
I love this guy - I really do !!!

The Independent (UK) - Sept 26, 2014
New interview for 'Maps to the Stars' - Sept 26, 2014
'Maps to the Stars' reflects Hollywood egomaniacs

Red Carpet Toronto - Sept 9, 2014
"Hollywood not part of my life"

Esquire Interview - September 2014

Time Out - August 2014
"I can't live in London"

The Guardian Interview - August 14, 2014 - August 2nd, 2014
Will Twilight fans like 'The Rover'?

The Telegraph Interview - June 21, 2014 - August 2nd, 2014
Will Twilight fans like 'The Rover'?

Interview from Cannes - May 29, 2014

Interview for TF1 News
from Cannes - May 26, 2014

The Hollywood Reporter Interview
- June 2014

Sunday Style Australia - Sept 15, 2013
"I'm quite sensitive in relationships"


ISB - Nov 19, 2012
Will Robert Pattinson
have a career after 'Twilight'?

The Guardian Interview - June 9, 2012

Robert Pattison
at George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

- June 6, 2012

The Guardian Interview - November 6, 2011

Vanity Fair Interview - December 2009
Twilight's Hot Gleaming

The Scotsman Interview - November 6, 2009

GQ Interview - April 2009
He's Hot, He's Sexy, He's Undead



External Link:
Interview for 'Maps to the Stars'
- Videoclip 5:09

I liked this one a lot....