Text by Pattinson-Art-Work - July 12, 2016


New Project:
'Damsel' with Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska
Directed by the Zellner Brothers


We were waiting for an official confirmation about this rumor going around for almost a week, and according to Production Weekly's website, Rob is part of the cast of the project 'Damsel', a western/comedy directed by Zellner brothers and which filming is expected to begin on July 12 until September 2! The movie is described as a western comedy about a man who is trying to marry the woman of his dreams. Announced in the cast alongside Rob, actress Mia Wasikowska, one of his friends with whom he has already work in 'Maps to the Stars'. They both were already casted to work together last year in a western called 'Brimstone' but they were not able to do this project. Here is a new opportunity to see them together for a Western. And a comedy! We are more than excited to finally see Rob in a comedy! A sort of movie in which we are sure he will excel! It seems that it is for this movie that Rob is going to have two fake silver teeth (read here). We don't know much about this new project for the moment but will certainly keep you update !