Source: La Verdad (Spain) - Nov 19, 2015
translated by Laura with the help of Google Translate


“I’m afraid to make money with a single character”

by María Estevez


After the ‘Twilight’ success, he brings to life a photographer, James Dean’s friend in the movie ‘Life’, which opens in theaters tomorrow.

For some time, there was no star like Robert Pattinson, with the elegance of Cary Grant, Montgomery Clift’s charm, and James Dean’s looks all combined in the movies. The teen audience has surrendered at the feet of the British actor, he is in the eye of a media storm because of his starring in ‘Twilight’ and before that, his supporting role in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Since then sucess is a part of his life but he tries to demonstrate his skills by starring in independent films as ‘Life’. The film, which opens in Spain, tells the story of Dennis Stock, James Dean’s friend and photographer.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with yourself as does your character in the film?

All the time. I look a bit like Stock, who is an insecure guy in all aspects of his life. Someone who questioned whether he should be doing something else with his life. Sometimes I feel like a fraud. An actor who one day will wake up with the news exposing me as a fraud.

You are pursued by photographers in your everyday life. Would you like to play one?

I found it very strange to go to Chateau Marmont to become a paparazzi, to get on that side and understand their perspective. It was something cathartic to become a guy who hates being a paparazzi.

Why did you choose to be this character?

I consider myself relatively sensitive and maybe that’s why I am attached to some characters. I have never done sport, nor have I identified myself with the idea of ??being a tough guy. I was raised with my two sisters and their friends, so my mentality is more feminine than masculine. I am more interested in insecure types.

Do you think you cultivate your own insecurity?

Yes. Maybe my instincts tend to choose characters who are essentially good, friendly people. People ask me a lot if I am afraid of being recognized within a single character and what really scares me is to make money with a single character, for that I will limit my career. In Hollywood, everything depends on whether or not to make money at the box office. When one of my films does not work, many will claim ‘this is the end’ of it. And it does not seem fair, because not everything I do is going to turn into gold and I definitely want to choose different films.

How does it feel to see your own movies?

‘Twilight’, I think, I’ve seen it about six times because they constantly put it on TV (laughs). But I remember when I first saw it at the premiere, I confess that I had to leave. I left the theater and sat in the car because I was overwhelmed, I had a panic attack. Now everything is different, I can see myself on the screen.

Do you analyze yourself as an actor?

I think I really do not know what I’m doing. Many times it is like flipping a coin and it can stand or fall depending on luck. I do not understand actors who can work consistently and keep performing even when the director says cut. They are good. I sometimes go to set having no idea how I will play, but I have prepared. I never know what to expect from myself when I’m shooting.

So you’re saying you’re not a method actor?

No, and I still do not know if I understand my own method.

After so much success, how do you keep your feet on the ground?

I don’t know. I am a genuinely insecure person and it’s not difficult for me to be humble. I feel like a fool if I let my head fill with nonsense, especially now when everything I do with my life is documented. I honestly do not understand those actors with a big ego, when in reality all actors are vain idiots.

Does your fame force you to live in hiding? Do you miss your old life?

I miss going to the cinema, especially in Los Angeles, because this city has the best cinemas in the world. I used to go four or five times a week. I miss living anonymously, without fear that someone is going to record me with their phone and send it to TMZ. They are the ones who ruined everything.


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