Source: F Magazine (Italy)
#43 issue - October 28, 2015

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Not anyoneís fault when a love story comes to an end.
I realized that and so I can look ahead now.


What about you looking so peaceful? Is that for a new love or work?

Robert Pattinson: Both of them.I was afraid people could look at me just as a vampire for all my life, but Iím involved in very interesting projects now and Iím really lucky to live positive moments in my private life too. Falling in love gives you a different perception of the world around you.

How important is having someone close to you to feel complete?

Iím really romantic about thatÖ good work isnít enough to be really happy, not even being a Hollywood star. I really need someone to share everything with to feel complete.

What kind of a man are you at the moment?

An outsider, a man doing things on his own, a rebel without a cause. Iím not afraid to take a challenge and Iím unpredictable, so be ready for surprises !

A modern James Dean? How do you connect to him?

James Dean was extraordinary talented, he suffered together with his characters. He ran ahead. When I was young, I had my James Dean phase too: I watched all his films and I read his interview.

Do you think youíre a savage like him?

Yes, I do, but Iíd like to be more. Times are different now and an actor canít take the liberty to be so eccentric, such as not to attend an important premiereÖ Studioís could shut you out forever.

Do you mean you could do something like this? You seem a trustworthy guyÖ

I am, I like to be present for people I love and trust me. I donít want to disappoint them, but Iím a passionate man, a bit of an savage too.

Have you ever been afraid to fail?

I always have, also at the moment. The pressure is so high. You have to keep your own balance and itís not easy.

How do you manage that?

I try to remember who I am and where I come from, being in close contact with people I love and who really love me and that helps me to stay grounded and makes me feel better.

What is the secret to be successful in show business?

Not having expectationsÖ You have to do what you believe in without illusions, you have to be concrete and remember that both negative and positive moments could be at the door.

You are afraid of the reaction of the public?

Yes, I am. For an artist the reaction of the public is essential. I gained experience, but anxiety is always the same I felt at twelve years old when I first faced the public.

ďLIFEĒ deals with envy too. Did you ever suffer from envying colleagues?

Luckily not. Iím really glad when something happy happens to my friends or colleagues or when I realize they can act well.

You are a musician too. You compose and play, donít you?

Iím very fond of music, Ďcause it expresses what I feel. I play piano and guitar and I sing too. I performed in some pubs.. music was a sort of 'plan Bí if I failed as an actor !

In your next film THE LOST CITY OF Z, you will be an explorer. Can you describe yourself as being adventurous?

I love travelling, living in contact with nature, exploring different cultures.. so, yes, Iím adventurous.

Do you ever feel nostalgic for home?

I learned home is not a physical placeÖ where I was born or where I live at the moment. My home is my true friends who come to me wherever I am.

No regrets about your past romances?

The truth is that itís not anyoneís fault when a love story comes to an end. What really matters is keeping good memories, but looking ahead. Thatís what I did.


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