Source: International Business Times
- July 20, 2015


Robert Pattinson's Fiancee FKA Twigs
Talks About 'Romantic Entanglements'
During Her Life-Inspired Soundtrack 7 Residency

by Nidhi Tewari

British singer FKA Twigs performs on Sonar Night
during the Sonar festival in Barcelona, Spain, June 20, 2015.
Photo: Gustau Nacarino


Robert Pattinson was present to see fiancee FKA Twigs' dance moves in her final performance of her Soundtrack 7 residency at the Manchester International Festival (MIF) on Sunday. Twigs concluded the seven-day residency at Old Granada Studios in Manchester, England, as part of MIF and earned good reviews from the critics.

For the residency, Twigs also gave fans a chance to see her rehearse a new number every day. The “Glass And Patron” singer also directed seven different films, one each day of the event, covering her stunning performances. For those who missed seeing her perform live, there was a new Tumblr blog launched during that time which tracked her day-to-day progress live with photos, video, and more.

Rebecca Nicholson from The Guardian writes that most of the focus in twigs's show “is almost exclusively on motion” as she churns out a new dance-based performance based on seven narratives inspired by her own life. On the final day of performance, Twigs kicks off the 40-minute show with lines from Thomas Wyatt's poem “I Find No Peace.”

The British singer, whose real name is Tahliah Debret Barnett, read out the poem to the audience in a preface. Her performance consisted of seven songs, of which “Mother creep” is the newest. Nicholson also writes that she is not sure which parts of Twigs' dance performance are inspired by her real life, but the singer/dancer hints at “gang violence, some romantic entanglements, bad boys and heartbroken girls.”

Twigs and her team of dancers moved their bodies to various lyrics. “I desire to perish and yet I choose health / I love another and yet I hate myself” was one phrase in her lyrics, writes Nicholson. She called Twigs' performance “exquisitely tasteful and current, all geometric spotlights and minimal sportswear-Ophelia costumes.”