Vanity Fair - February 29, 2016


How Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrated His First Oscar Win

Inside Vanity Fair's Oscar party, Leo is the king of the world.


Two and half hours after he finally won his first Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio entered the Vanity Fair Oscar party looking every inch as happy as you might expect. DiCaprio walked into the room with his mom, her boyfriend, his old friend Tobey Maguire, and Maguire’s wife, Jen Meyers. The small group was immediately surrounded by well-wishers and, unlike some winners who like to keep their statues close, DiCaprio let partygoers have their turn holding his freshly-won Oscar.

DiCaprio only made it to the first banquette before his corner of the room because the only corner of the room. Everyone from comedian Rebel Wilson to actor Bob Balaban to Puff Daddy crowded in to pay their respects. DiCaprio looked “deliriously happy” according to one onlooker and though attendees of the Vanity Fair Oscar party are used to playing it cool, this long-awaited win brought out the uncool in everyone. Well-dressed partygoers circled the grinning DiCaprio snapping photos as Netflix’s Ted Sarandos came in to pay his respects.

When asked if she was proud, DiCaprio’s mom Irmelin Indenbirken gushed, “I am! Thank you so much!” As Leo sipped a drink and greeted more well-wishers, Indenbirken made as much of the moment as her son proudly posing for photos with his Oscar. And when host Chris Rock came over to congratulate Leo, it was Indenbirken who took the photo of the host with the newly-minted Oscar winner. Rock joked that he liked DiCaprio’s extra security and would be sticking close. The pair proceeded to hold court as the entire focus of the room shifted to spin around a triumphant Leo.

Ben Affleck was greeted with hugs from Rock and a kiss on the cheek from Leo. The pair held hands and were deep in conversation as Tobey Maguire says an early upset in the best supporting actor category had him nervous for DiCaprio. Experts were so certain both Sylvester Stallone and DiCaprio would win. When Stallone lost to Mark Rylance, Maguire says, he got anxious for his friend.

DiCaprio then left the party to continue his whirlwind celebration. But before he ducked out the door, Elton John grabbed from for one last photo. DiCaprio, in a daze, forgot to include his Oscar in the frame. “Hold that f—er up!” John ordered. DiCaprio happily did as instructed, realized the Oscar was facing the wrong way, fixed it, and then departed.